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Estampa was founded in 2001 by Miguel González-Ortiz, the winery’s owner and current president, who wanted to create a winery focused on innovation and modern techniques in order to create premium wines that would fully express the characteristics of the different varieties and their origin, the Colchagua Valley. Specialising in the production of blends, Estampa owns more than 400 hectares of drip-irrigated vineyards in three locations within the Colchagua Valley – Palmilla, Paredones, and Marchigüe – with a focus on Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Syrah and Merlot.

The winemaking team consists of Ana Salomó, agricultural manager, Attilio Pagli, consultant winemaker and Johana Pereira, head winemaker. Johana, who joined the team in 2013, believes the winery’s wines stand out for the unique character provided by the Colchagua Valley; ‘They are very fruity, with smooth but clearly present tannins. Their personality comes from the soils, depending on the zone, but they are all are very potent.’