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Herringbone Hills’ wines are produced for us by Winegrowers of Ara. Ara (meaning ‘pathway’ in Maori and ‘altar’ in Latin) is a river terrace, tucked away at the elevated end of the Waihopai valley and lifted above the rest of the valley by the Wairau fault. The old, relatively infertile soils differ from other viticultural areas in Marlborough and are especially suited to grape growing.

From the start, Ara was built around a group of passionate wine people intent on realising the potential of this special vineyard. They follow strict management principles to protect the environment, principles that extend to cover everything they do.

• No chemically-treated timber used in the vineyards
• Materials used in their award-winning operations building, the Dart, were chosen for their durability and minimal environmental impact
• Active members of NZ’s native falcon recovery programme, having established a breeding pair of karearea (NZ’s native falcon and one of the world’s rarest birds of prey) in a secluded corner of the vineyard